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Atmos is a thermoformable plastic tooth positioning material engineered for best-in-class formability and moisture tolerance while maintaining the clarity, durability, and stain resistance demanded by your patients.

Mini Master

Master Series® is the versatile, metal twin bracket system that orthodontists around the world have trusted for more than 25 years. All Master Series brackets feature a technologically advanced, visually intuitive design that seamlessly adapts with your clinical expertise. Master Series’ patented Diagonal Torque and Diagonal Angulation makes bonding precision simple


The Next Generation of Buccal Tube

ifit® is American Orthodontics’ newest and most advanced tube, delivering the ultimate combination of functionality, convenience, and patient comfort.

Cosmetic Wire

American Orthodontics’ Iconix Aesthetic SE Niti Wire is the latest in AO’s extensive arch wire line. Manufactured at AO’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, this high-quality wire delivers exceptional superelasticity, shape memory, and springback for precise control and predictable results, while offering best-in-class aesthetics to compliment all cosmetic bracket treatment options.

Bracepaste® Medium Viscosity

BracePaste® is a medium viscosity, light-curable adhesive that provides optimum bonding of metal and ceramic brackets. The adhesive is designed to minimize bracket drift and provide easy flash cleanup. It allows for immediate arch wire tie-in after light curing, and fluoresces under UV light to assist in clean up. BracePaste is stored at room temperature, and is compatible with most light cure orthodontic sealants and bond enhancers.

We established the company in the year 2004 as medical and dental supply in Damascus, Syria
We expanded our work to make our branches grow.  And we established a new branch in Dubai in year 2012. We provide the highest quality, lowest prices, on time shipping and 10 years of international business experience.

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