About us

We established the company in the year 2011 as medical and dental supply in Dubai, UAE
We expanded our work to make our branches grow. We provide the highest quality, lowest prices, on time shipping and 9 years of international business experience.

Our Mission

Providing the best products which scientifically authoritative and highest standards manufactured.
Developing the cooperation between producing companies and scientific institutions to research thematic on all products to improve them.
Dealing with the best International Dental Companies to import their products. Concentrating on giving the best service to our customers.

Our Vision

Marketing of the medical product by key point.
Describing the product specification scientifically and not commercial ways. Conducting training courses for the products.
Keeping up with the marketing needs, especially the latest products and delivery it on time and train to use it.
Cooperate with the University for doing research on special items and giving result