Empower® 2 Metal Brackets


Empower® 2 Metal Brackets



Empower 2’s metal brackets give you the choice of a fully interactive, fully passive, or combination Dual Activation™ system.


Empower 2 is the first in the industry to offer you the versatility of both interactive and passive bracket designs in one unified system with coordinated in/outs.

Interactive Bracket

Lower ligation forces early in treatment: exceptional torque and rotation control during working and finishing phases

Available in metal upper and lower 5 – 5 and ceramic upper 5 – 5

Passive Bracket

Lower ligation forces throughout treatment

Available in metal upper and lower 5 – 5

Dual Activation™

This combination interactive/passive system allows you the best of both worlds:

Anterior Teeth – Interactive Brackets

Lower ligation forces during initial leveling and alignment phases

Increased torque and rotational control during finishing

Posterior Teeth – Passive Brackets

Lower ligation forces throughout treatment

Matching in/outs between interactive and passive designs means no 1st order wire bending compensations


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