Smooth Transition

MiniScope Herbst® can be integrated into any preexisting system of crowns and attachments, allowing for easy and cost-effective transition.

Reduced Breakage

The telescoping mechanism will not disengage like a traditional Herbst®* appliance, greatly reducing the number of emergency appointments.

AppleCore™ Screw

The curved radius of the AppleCore Screw allows unrestricted lateral movement and reduces appliance breakage.

Unrestricted Movement

Using the AppleCore Screw with the MiniScope allows for unrestricted lateral excursion and unparalleled patient comfort.


Rollo Bands, an American Orthodontics crown/band hybrid, provide strength similar to a crown with the versatility of a band where a high force appliance is indicated.

*Herbst is a registered trademark of Dentaurum, Inc.



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