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VALO™ Ortho Cordless

broadband LED curing lights are designed specifically for orthodontists. • Unique Xtra Power Quadrant mode quickly and efficiently cures five

Gishy Goo!™

Silicone Bracket Relief Aid Gishy Goo is a specially formulated poly-vinyl-siloxane elastomer that can be placed over wires, brackets, fixed

Syringe Kit with BracePaste

Syringe Kit with BracePaste MTP Primer  020-030089 2 BracePaste Syringes (8 g total) 020-026877 1 Bottle MTP Primer 6 mL

Carpule Gun

• Compatible with BracePaste, Eagle No Drift, Eagle Spectrum, and MR Lock Carpules

BracePaste®Color Change

BracePaste® is a medium viscosity, light-curable adhesive that provides optimum bonding of metal and ceramic brackets. The adhesive is designed to

Porcelain Conditioner

001-966 Non-hydrolyzed silane derivative provides excellent strength when bonding to porcelain crowns No refrigeration required 6 g bottle

Eagle FluorSureTM Light Curable Fluoride Releasing Sealant

001-915 Contains .31% leachable sodium fluoride (NaF) Lightly filled with a silica/glass mixture for enhanced abrasion resistance Works with all


020-029614 Bonds to wet or dry enamel Works with all light curable bracket adhesives 6 mL bottle

Acid Etchant Gel

020-028535 37% H3PO4 phosphoric acid Optimal viscosity for ease of application Rinses off quickly and easily Includes 20 Syringe Tips

No Mix 30™

No Mix:30™ One Step Adhesive Self curing adhesive with 30 seconds working time Choice of two delivery systems White color

MR Lock

MR Lock Maximum Retention Visible Light Cure Band Cement Releases fluoride Carpules provide precise, direct-to-band dispensing method Carpules will not