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Distal Jet

  Distal Jet Superior distalizer combines pure translation with excellent anchorage control and positive, simple molar retention with one appliance.

Herbst® Appliance

  Herbst® Appliance   Available in one-patient kits or as individual components, the Herbst* is one of the most popular appliances

HTH – Hanks Telescoping Herbst®

  HTH – Hanks Telescoping Herbst®   One Piece Design Installing the appliance is easy and efficient because screws are

Jasper Jumper and Gentle Jumper

  Jasper Jumper and Gentle Jumper   As an adjunct to fixed appliance therapy, the Jasper Jumper and the Gentle

Jones Jig

  Jones Jig   The Jones Jig is a simple, but effective appliance for distalizing upper molars. It may be

Mesial Jet

  Mesial Jet Controlled bodily movement of terminal teeth, in either arch, is a snap with this design – especially


  MiniScope   Smooth Transition MiniScope Herbst® can be integrated into any preexisting system of crowns and attachments, allowing for

PowerScope® 2

  PowerScope® 2 Class II Corrector PowerScope 2 brings you simple, efficient, Class II correction like you’ve never seen before. This

Spring Jet

  Spring Jet SPRING JET 1 – Dental Expansion The replacement for all existing wireform expanders with precise force-counterforce mechanics.

Uprighter Jet

  Uprighter Jet Uprighting tipped or partially impacted teeth is accomplished in a straightforward manner without affecting the rest of