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  Supplies   ATMOS® THERMOFORMING PLASTIC Atmos is a thermoformable plastic tooth positioning material engineered for best-in-class formability and moisture


  Friction Grip Debonding and Interproximal Burs   We have added a line of burs which include a variety of

Orthodontic Smile Buttons

  853-500 1 7/8” diameter (4.8 cm) 100 per package

Ortho Wax Bites

861-201 Used for establishing bite registration for functional appliances 28 per box

Laminated Bite Wafers

861-016 2 sheets of clear bite wax stabilized by a thin layer of aluminum foil 84 per box

NOLA Dry Field System

NOLA Dry Field System Reorder Components 300-403 NOLA large tongue guards, 2/pkg 300-406 NOLA large cheek retractor 300-408 NOLA Y-connectors,

Silver Solder

Low melting point at 650° C, 1205° F Cadmium free (20 DWT = 1 oz troy = 31 g) .015

Impressa/ChromeTM Impression Alginate

861-130 1 lb foil bag / 454 g Low dust; lead and cadmium free for safety, chromatic color-change material Alginate

Alginate Flavoring

2 oz bottle Sugar free 861-140 Cherry 861-143 Peppermint 861-141 Bubblegum 861-144 Strawberry 861-142 Piña Colada 861-145 Watermelon

Impression Trays

Disposable and designed specifically for orthodontics Sold in packages of 20 per color Small/Purple Medium/Pink Large/Blue Upper Trays 861-100 861-101